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I noticed this hot short haired, tattooed emo girl heading towards her car. I pulled up into the parking spot next to hers and whipped out my hog. I started stroking it, hoping she would notice. And she did. Luckily she wasn’t put off by it. She engaged in conversation with me and my dick got even harder. I asked her if she could stick around to watch me finish and she did. What a nice person, she is. So giving. It did not take long for me to blast a hot load all over my abs. She leaned into my car window and appreciated every last drop. She then went on her merry way and I hit up the local diner to reward myself with pancakes. Life is good.

Pornstar: Raven Reznor

4 Replies to “Flashing Dick For Short Haired Emo Girl With Glasses
3.2 (52)

  1. The Best when a lady or ladies watch a cumshot! …Is there any chance you folks can get some more current stuff? Enjoy this so much.

    1. I used to do that too when I was young. No girl ever was interested in looking at me. Twice I almost was caught by the police. This was in Sweden some 40 years ago Love your videos!

  2. these are the best videos ever,i used to be a flasher too but paranoia stopped it,thses bring it all back, fucking love it folks

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