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Listen, I know, OK… I fucked up. The mic on my phone has been giving me problems lately and as a result, the video has no sound. That really sucks because the girl I found today was super hot and she had a nice voice, too. To make up for my error, I’m just gonna put this clip out there for free. But anywho… It was a rainy day. She had an umbrella, and she was holding a phone which I am pretty sure she used to take a picture of me. Like I care! Haha. Enjoy it, babe. She had her hair tied in the back, and she was wearing glasses. I freaking love girls in glasses. I asked her to watch me do my thing. At first she was hesitant, but I could tell she was a closeted freak. She agreed to look at the sperm cum out of my dick like the good girl that she is. So I let her have it. Her mouth was agape at the sight of my impressive nut. She didn’t stick around for the cleanup, but I didn’t mind. I really hope she’s in the area tomorrow for round 2.