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I was chilling in my hotel room watching porn when I heard a knock on the door. I knew who it was. I’ve done this before. A skinny white housekeeper came into the room and was caught by surprise at the sight of my big dick exposed in plain view. She cleaned up my room and kept staring at my monster cock. She asked if there was anything else I needed, which is always a good sign. I asked her to stay for a couple of minutes and she reluctantly obliged. I asked her to sit next to me as airplanes flew over the building. That’s right, I’m at an airport hotel in Miami. I’m here for business, and for pleasure 🙂 She seemed impressed with my sausage. I asked her to touch it and she did. While jerking me off, her phone began to ring and she answered it. Someone was expecting her home soon, but it appears she’d rather be with me right now. She put the phone away and made herself more comfortable. She put me in her mouth and began deepthroating like a pro. I’ve never had a girl take my pipe so deep in their throat before. It was incredible. She had no gag reflex! Her phone rang again. It was her “honey” asking her to bring home some milk. I’ll give her some milk, alright! My dick got even harder as she told her husband that she loved him right before going back to sucking my dick. What a slut! I felt a little guilty being the object of her affair at first, but it’s not my problem if that dude is not getting the job done at home! She began to gag on my meat and the noises were too much to bear. I had a powerful orgasm and the thick load of hot cum that erupted from my penis caught her by surprise. She was kind enough to lick the tip clean for me before heading out to meet up with her bae. That went better than expected!

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  1. Hey…can you guys please put this up on ANY OTHER pay sites aside from the criminals at ManyVids? Pornhub Premium isn’t working since they no longer take credit cards…you have to have some other options for someone to buy this.

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