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My buddy told me he likes to beat off in front of maids. I didn’t believe him of course, so he invited me to watch him do it. What a kinky fucker. I decided to call him on his bluff. We booked a room and I set my camera up behind the bed. (You can see me bopping around in the mirror.) I thought this would be a waste of time, but homie stripped off all of his clothes and hopped on the bed to get going. He had a laptop with some porn on it. It was not long before the housekeeper showed up. The timing of it all was so perfect. This guy is clearly a pro. As for the maid, she was an older Latin woman. I suspect this was not her first rodeo, either, because she did not miss a beat. She was a hardened pro. Can you imagine the crazy stuff this woman has seen? I myself was nervous. My friend was cool as a cucumber, just stroking his dick like this was all completely normal. The maid left the room pretty quick. Maybe she eventually got uncomfortable, I dunno. When it was all said and done, my pal and I made our way to the hotel bar so I could buy him a beer.

Pornstar: Layla