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It had been a couple of days since I last busted a nut, so my balls were looking particularly blue and I needed a special way to drain them. Ejaculating in front of strangers is always such a treat for me, so I grabbed my camera and headed for the car. There was this relatively attractive and skinny black chick standing in the parking lot across the street from my crib. I pulled up on her with my flashing cock in hand and let her gaze upon my greatness. She did not appreciate it… at first. I insisted and asked her to marvel at my man meat while I climaxed in the car. She obliged and probably enjoyed it way more than she let on. That orgasm was exactly what the doctor ordered, I’m telling you. I was feeling so energized that I went back home and finished my taxes just in time to make the deadline. As it turns out, I’m not getting a refund this year. But that is okay. At least I’m not in the slammer haha.

Pornstar: Unknown

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