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My friends are always entertained by my wack-shack stories, but they’re too afraid to try it themselves. It can be a tricky hobby to pursue if you are shy, but it gets easier with experience. I wanted to show my buddies what they were missing out on by being chicken, so I decided to bring along a hidden camera to my next session. I found this neat little place not too far from my job. It was hella convenient. And it looked dingy enough where I could easily get away with taking some spy video of the whole thing. I walked in and paid my fee to the house, and gave my Latina masseuse the tip up front so she knows what’s up. She asked me to undress while she got prepared. That’s when I set up my camera. Slick Rick, that should be my name haha. I took my pants off, wrapped myself in a towel, and laid down for my rubdown. She brought her fine ass into the room wearing white scrubs, like a nurse. Her face was sultry. Her hair, long. She appeared to be in her late 20s, which would explain her tattoos. But the way she worked my soul pole and gave me a tug job, you could swear she was much older. She had me curling my toes… that’s how good the handjob was! (Please don’t ask me why I kept my socks on. That’s just how I roll, alright? lol) When I came, it was so intense that I kicked my legs up. She was smiling from ear-to-ear. I guess she was pretty pleased with her own performance. I like when people take pride in their jobs like that! She cleaned me up nicely and sent me on my way. Money well spent, I tell ya. She is definitely getting a 5 star rating and a positive review from me.

Pornstar: Ivannah Coxz

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