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I was hanging out in my bedroom, jamming out on my guitar, when all of a sudden my step sister barges in. She looked cute with her thick glasses and wavy hair. She was wearing a black shirt that read “Clothes Before Bros” and tiny gray shorts that made her big ass look even larger. I have always admired her curvy figure, even though it made me feel a certain way. This is so wrong. She wanted to learn how to play guitar, so I decided to help her out and taught her some fingering techniques. I am really good at fingering things, including guitars and women. I would even go so far as to say that I’m an expert. The first lesson went well. She told me it is her dream to play an instrument. I told her that it is my dream to try anal sex, but that my girlfriend wouldn’t let me. She was sympathetic and offered to help. She put down my axe and pointed her phat booty in my general direction. I grabbed onto it with both hands and went to town, also playing with her juicy pussy a bit. She turned around and put my flaccid dick in her mouth. She then sucked it good until it became rock hard. Next, she climbed on top of my dick and rode me a bit before finally letting me stick it in her anus. Her butt hole was so tight. It was everything I could ever hope for. She then took my penis from ass-to-mouth and sucked it until I came inside of her trap. Holy fuck, I think I am in love with my step sister now. What am I going to do? At least we’re not biologically related or anything, because that would be super weird. So I guess that makes it OK, right? I think I am going to try to fuck her again. This was too much fun. Maybe next time I will teach her how to play the bass.

Pornstar: Helga Hardd