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Today you are going to meet a sexy, curvaceous Latina with big tits and a big ass. She has a bubbly personality and you can tell by just looking at her. She’s wearing a lot of makeup and jewelry. Her hair is pulled up in a bun. She is sporting some athletic clothes: sky blue running pants and a 80s/90s throwback tank top with deco patterns. I bet this is what she wears to her Zumba classes on Sundays. She tells us that she’s playful and that she likes to grind on her partners to initiate sex. She likes fingers in her ass, and she loves sex toys. Her favorite sex toy is a Hitachi. Her last orgasm happened yesterday, where she had a wild threesome with a hung gentlemen and a pretty lady that was good at delivering cunnilingus. She probably had anal sex during that threesome, because she loves dicks in her ass. She would love to have sex in a restaurant restroom, and in the beach. She’s a freak like that. She likes to fuck five times a day, three times a day. I guess she takes time off on the weekends. She loves to cuddle, so maybe she prefers to cuddle on her days off? After her interview, she strips naked. She’s got a nice black and white bra on with polka dots. Her panties are also black and white, and they make her round Hispanic ass look incredible. She lies on the bed and rubs her clean-shaved, hairless pink pussy. The camera splits in two and we can see her face and pussy at the same time, side by side. She stimulates her clit until completion. After she gives herself an orgasm, the video fades to black.

Pornstar: Kitty Caprice