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I’ve been driving around trying to find a girl who will give me handjob on the street and I finally found one. I was in a parking lot and this pretty blonde was walking by. I called out to her and asked if she can direct me to Main Street. She starts telling me where to go and she hasn’t noticed that my pants are unzipped and while she’s looking in the direction I’m supposed to go, I pull out my cock and flash her. When she goes to walk away, I ask her if she can watch me jerk off. She gives a nervous smile and finds it weird and I don’t blame her but her excuse is that there are people all around and it’s the middle of the day. I tell her we can have a little fun and she starts to laugh. She says maybe she could watch for about a minute and I tell her that she can touch it if she wants. That’s when she tells me that she has a boyfriend but my cock is nicer than her boyfriend’s. But she reaches in any way and starts stroking my shaft. She starts to get really into it and notices me staring at her tits and she asks me if I like them. She reaches into the car and starts using both hands. I ask her what she thinks her boyfriend would do if he saw us and she laughs and says that she guesses that she’d have to stay with me for a little while. I’m so close to cumming. She keeps using both hands and I tell her that I’m about to explode and not to stop. That’s when I shoot my load all over her hands. She doesn’t stop until she’s milked every last drop out of me. I hand her some paper towels so she can clean herself up and she waves goodbye.

Pornstar: Alejandra G

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