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My stepmom knows I love her. She loves me, too. All of me, cock included. We have this game we play where we show up in each other’s room late at night whenever my dad is on a business trip. We rub each other and do nasty things. Today it was my turn. I walked into her bedroom and found he laying on the bed in a silky nightgown. I began rubbing up on her and worshipping her thicc body. She was in silent ecstasy. After making her feel good with my fingers, I proceeded to insert my cock into her adulterous mouth. I grabbed her large, all natural tits as she sucked me dry. Before long, I was deep inside her, pounding away. Her warm pussy was too much for me to handle. I came relatively quickly, on her stomach, and it felt damn good. Did you enjoy the show? Let me know in the comments below haha.

Pornstar: Marcy Diamond

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